OROME Create The Valar BH Series–We Think The Valar BH series Are The Highest Performance Price Ratio Carbon Wheelsets, MSRP Are Between $700 To $900, That Is a Very Competitive Price! If The Cyclists Are On a Tight Budget Yet Still Wanting Carbon Wheels On Their Bikes. We Recommend Our Valar BH Series Carbon Wheelsets; All Of The BH Series Wheelsets Are Tubeless Ready, Stiff And Lightweight Rims, Ceramic Bearings Hubs, Perfect Balance, Blending Lightweight With Aerodynamics Whether You Are On Paved, Or Unpaved Surfaces, Punching Up The Hills, Or Soaring On Flatter Roads, Valar BH Series Wheelsets Will Bring Better Support To All Riders.

Valar BH45 And Valar BH45D Disc Rims Made By Toray T800 Carbon Fiber. Our Engineer Optimized The Rims Carbon Layup, They Designed The High Tensile Strength Carbon Fiber At The Most Crucial Points To Provide Rims Stiffness. They Use Thinner Prepregs For Better Control Over The Layup, Which Make The Same Wall Thickness But Come With More Layers, And Bring A Lighter Weight With Better Stiffness. Zero-Coating Design On Carbon Products Surface Is A Top Notch And Difficult Technology, Unquestionably It’s A Trend On High-End Carbon Products! Actually, Just Only A Few Factories Have Mastered The Technology!Zero-Coating Technology And UD Surface Shows The Fine Fiber Structure Of The Carbon Rim Giving Each Wheel An Individual Touch And Reducing The Rim Weight;

All OROME Valar Rim Braking Wheels Bring Textured Brake Surface Design, Combined With Our High-Temperature Resistant Resin System, Which Enhances The Rim’s Overall Durability And Braking Performance! The Grooved Track Helps Move Water & Debris More Quickly Out Of The Way Between The Brake Pads & Rim, And Also Provides Additional Edges That Also Add Friction Allowing The Pad To Better Grip The Braking Surface. The High-Temperature Resistant Resin Construction Ensures The Track Can Withstands Over 280°C, And Go With The Grooved Track Can Take Both Better Handle Extreme Temperatures And Better Dissipate Heat Build-Up Away From The Pads

For Building A Best Value-Carbon Wheels, OROME Valar BH Series Carbon Wheelsets Comes With Bespoke Engineered CNC Hubs, Fully Machined Alloy Hubshell, Optimized Hub Flange Geometry For Balanced Wheel Stiffness And Rider Comfort, Both Of The BH Series Rim Brake Hubs and Disc Brake Hubs Running With High-Quality 6pcs Ceramic Bearings And 6 Steel Pawls Driver System, Our Ceramic Bearing Will Make Your Wheels Roll Faster, Saving You Energy And Allowing Faster Cruising Speeds, The Other Apparent Advantage Of Ceramic Is That It Is Resistant To Corrosion, Harder, And Last Longer In Everyday Use.

Valar BH Series Wheelsets Use Pillar PSA Aero 1432 Straight-Pull Spokes, T302+ Stainless Steel Material, Pillar Patented Cold Forge Technology Made, Up To 20% More Strength Perfect Aero Shape, High Elasticity And Low Drag Coefficient. The Valar BH Rim Brake Rear Hub Has Over-Size Flange And The Spoke 2:1 Lacing Patterns Design, This Increases Spoke Bracing Angles, Boosting Overall Transmission And Lateral Stiffness For Better Power Transfer

Tubeless Compatible, All Of OROME VALAR Wheels Are Tubeless Compatible With Bead Seat Retention, Reinforced Carbon Hooks And 19mm Width Internal Rim Bed Ensure A Wider Range Of Compatibility With Tubeless Tires From Most Manufacturers. Tubeless Systems Are Designed To Run At Lower Pressures Than Tube Systems Without Any Negative Effects. A Floor Pump And The Tubeless Rim Tape Are Needed For Our Wheels When You Install The Tubeless Tire, We Didn’t Seal The Spoke Holes Because Our Engineer Think It Will Be Easy To Replace The Spoke In Some Case. If You’re Not Ready For Tubeless, VALAR Wheels Are Also Compatible With Traditional Clincher Tires And Tubes.

To Recap, Our Hand-Built Valar BH Series Wheels Are A Competitive Priced Range Of Carbon Wheels, After A Successful Launch Of The High-Performance Valar DT Series Wheels, All Valuable Experience Have Been Carried Over Into BH Series Carbon Wheels. Same As The Valar DT Series, The Valar BH Series Wheels Are Hand-Built And Meet The Same High-Quality Standards, Of Course, The Most Important Is The Competitive Price.




→Ultralight 45mm height Toray T800 carbon fiber rim
→Aerodynamic profile with UD surface
→19mm internal width and 26mm external width clincher rim
→Tubeless compatible (supports tubeless tires from 23-45mm)
→Zero-Coating Finished Technology
→Custom OROME road straight pull hub with 6pcs S&S ceramic bearings
→19HW webster’s hardness CNC machined 7075 freehub body
→Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body
→SRAM XDR Driver also available upon request
→Pillar 1423 aerodynamic stainless spokes


→Ultralight 45mm height Toray T800 carbon fiber rim
→Aerodynamic profile with UD surface
→19mm internal width and 26mm external width clincher rim
→Tubeless compatible (supports tubeless tires from 23-45mm)
→Zero-Coating Finished Technology
→Custom OROME road disc straight pull hub with 6pcs S&S ceramic bearings
→19HW webster’s hardness CNC machined 7075 freehub body
→Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body
→SRAM XDR freehub also available upon request
→Pillar 1423 aerodynamic stainless spokes
→Compatible with Front:12×100 Rear:12×142 thru-axles


Products Details


Elves warranties all OROME Valar carbon wheel set from manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship specifications from a limited period of 2-years from the date of purchase!


This warranty is only for the original wheel set owner and is not transferable! Unless otherwise stated, the sole remedy under this warranty or any implied warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value at the sole discretion of Elves. Elves will not be responsible for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability or any other theory. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on parts in situations where there are no material defects. This warranty does not cover consumable components including brake pads, spokes, rim tapes, bearings, etc

Safety Tips

Bicycle maintenance requires special knowledge and tools. If in doubt, consult a reliable and experienced bicycle mechanic. You need to regularly check the bicycle and wheels, and make some replacements if necessary to maintain a high performance. Please consult the manufacturer for specific instructions on servicing other components.

  • The OROME Valar carbon clincher wheel set uses clincher or wired-on tires(only).
  • When installing or removing your clincher tires, do not use metal tire levers.
  • The maximum inflation on this wheel set is 120psi and maximum inflation for tubeless tire is 100psi; Overinflation may damage the rim.
  • Use only carbon-specific brake pads; Wrong brake pads could damage your carbon rims.
  • Modifying the wheel set (including hubs, spokes, nipples or rims) in any way will void the manufacturer‘s warranty and may be unsafe.